Aug 13, 2017

Cardi B doesn't want to be friends with Nicki Minaj

For some time it's been said that Nicki Minaj wants to be the only female rapper winning in the game. 

And with Cardi B's buzzing career on the rise rumors circulated that Nicki and her team tried their hardest to keep Cardi off red carpets at different events. 

The rumors were somewhat confirmed when Cardi herself made a video expressing her feelings towards a certain artist she once looked up too, trying to keep her from succeeding. 

Nicki's fans even went as far to diss Cardi for attending Summer Jam with Remy Ma, Nicki's rival. 

But recently Nicki was spotted singing along to Cardi B's hit, possibly an attempt to end the beef. 

And with Cardi B quickly on the rise, and snatching Nicki's crown as the current most charting female MC, Nicki has no choice but to respect her.

However Cardi doesn't want to be friends ...