Jul 10, 2017

Keyshia Cole Sued For 4 Million After Beating Down Birdman's Side Chick

R&B singer and new cast member of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Keyshia Cole was slapped with a 4 million dollar damages lawsuit according to TMZ  The singer allegedly flew into a jealous rage when she discovered her then boyfriend Birdman was sleeping with another woman back in 2014. 

Sabrina Mercadel is requesting that a judge grant her $1.5 million in pain and suffering, $500K in emotional distress, $2 million loss of use of body part, $200K future medical expenses, $50K loss of earnings and $300K for loss of future earnings.

Mercadel insists her relationship with the rap mogul was strictly platonic and Cole had no reason to beat the hell out of her in Birdman's L.A. penthouse.