Feb 2, 2017

This mom spent 16 days with dead baby daughter

Everything is going great for you, your baby is kicking and moving inside of your belly and they will be here any day now.  She arrives and life is just as perfect as you imagined but tragedy strikes within weeks and now your baby is sleeping with the Angels. What is a mom to do? This mom decided to come to terms with her loss and spend 16 extra days with her baby girl, taking the deceased newborn on trips to the park as if she was still alive. 

Via MIRROR -- "Charlotte Szakacs, 21 took Evlyn home and for walks in her pram before her funeral 16 days after her death. 
Evlyn was born in December weighing 5lbs 5oz and she had an underdeveloped brain which was completely smooth, narrow airways in her nose and lungs and a defect in her aorta.
Despite battling against the odds for four weeks, the tot passed away in her parents' arms on January 10.


Evlyn was kept in a refrigerated 'cuddlecot' at a hospice and spent four days at home before her funeral on January 26.
The couple shared their story in a bid to raise awareness of 'cuddle cots' and the debilitating chromosome abnormality that cost Evlyn her life.

The first-time mum had a completely normal pregnancy until a 20-week scan revealed Evlyn's brain was not developing properly and she had a hypoplastic aortic arch.
Evlyn was delivered by caesarean section and spent her short life on a ventilator before being moved to Martin House hospice."