Feb 24, 2017

Amber Rose slapped with lawsuit by popular strip club


From stripper to the boss lady! Amber Rose revealed Wednesday night she recently purchased popular L.A. Strip club Ace of Diamonds while accepting the Vanguard Award at the All Def Movie Awards ceremony. While this is a win for Rose, the club owners are shooting down the models claims.

" ....do y'all know Ace of Diamonds? Well, I bought it. So this is to every girl out there, every stripper, ya'll can one day be on stage with Russell Simmons, receiving an award.” 
In an official statement on Friday the owners issued a lawsuit against Rose claiming they haven't received a dime to own the club and her comments were "unequivocally false."  The owners are also suing for $1 million stating slander! 


It's unfortunate how things are turning between Ace of Diamonds and Amber, who celebrated her divorce back in June at the club and have been spotted out at the club on more than one occasion.