Nov 22, 2016

Psychic predicts Kanye West self destruction in 2014

According to multiple sources Kanye West was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital where he is under "psychiatric evaluation", days after going on a rant about wanting to vote for Donald Trump, his failing relationships with JayZ and Beyonce and canceling his current Saint Pablo tour. While there is no set word on what exactly is happening to Kanye West many are labeling his recent acts as a cry for help and that he's mentally ill. Oddly enough I came across a video from psychic who predicted Kanye's fall. 

Do you believe in psychics? I don't but every know and again I get caught up and am curious to see what they actually have to say! And to my surprise when a reader sent me this video I was shocked, not just because of the accuracy of Kanye West current situation but the fact she went on to cover so much more info. In the video posted March of 2014, Cherl Lynn gives her 2015 and future predictions on Lady Gaga going to Broadway and becoming successful and winning a award for her hard work (American Horror Story), she mentions Jeb Bush entering into politics, random acts of violence, the legalization of Gay marriage, the feminization of men (Caitlyn Jenner), terrorist groups (Isis) and their threats, self driving cars and so much more. Kanye reading starts about 25:40!