Apr 2, 2016

YMCMB BirdMan's baby mother blasted for selling sex

Dubai is one of the most beautiful places on earth. So beautiful that some women and men are doing any and everything for a chance to visit "paradise". Hip Hop mogul Birdman's alleged baby mother Gricelda is one of those women willing to risk it all. Our friends over at TagTheSponsor produced documents of the models quest to exchange sex, farting videos and more for Twenty thousand dollars and a trip. Yikes!

Now before we get to the tea we'd like to clarify why we said this is Birdman's alleged baby mother. It was rumored some years ago that it was between him and Snoop Dogg. But of course we did a bit of digging and noticed how Gricelda had a habit of saying Birdman was her MCM. She also decided to clap back at a few women in her comment section regarding her "life long payday" connection to him. 

OKAY! Now let's get to the dirt .... 

You can head over to www.TagTheSponsor.comfor the entire exchange and videos. Unfortunately Gricelda has deleted her Instagram account.