Mar 19, 2016

Zendaya calls out Kylie Jenner, others on culture appropriation

Cultural appropriation is real, and Zendaya Coleman isn't here for it! In a recent interview with Popsugar, the actress expressed her frustrations with white women like Kylie Jenner, getting credit for things black women have been doing for years.
"... First of all, braids are not new. Black women have been wearing braids for a very long time. … It became new and fresh and fun, because it was on someone else other than a black woman. You know what I mean?," Zendaya says of other celebrities like Jenner. "So that is the frustration. That’s where the culture appropriation element comes into play.”

"The credit gets taken away from us when we make certain statements or when we do certain things. That is the frustration. People want to be around for the positives and the things that we bring as far as culture, but they don’t want to be around when we have problems or when we’re getting shot in the streets. You know what I’m saying? You have to be there for the whole experience. You can’t just decide when you want to be a part of our culture.”