Feb 23, 2016

Blasted! Leaked audio of Sage The Gemini dissing Jordin Sparks surfaces

Last week Sage The Gemini had the social world in aw when he attempted to beg his way back into Jordin Sparks heart in a touching Instagram post. "Can't sit here and like this shit don't hurt me" he wrote, just before requesting a phone call. The sincerity had the Internet wanting Jordin to consider making it work, but we have just learned why she isn't answering those phone calls! In a leaked audio clip from Sage's ex, the rapper is heard saying he wanted to stab Sparks, because that's how annoying she is and the relationship was all fake! What?

Curium, Sage's on and off again ex-girlfriend is fed up! Apparently he's been feeding her lies about his relationship with Jordin. In the auto clip Sage confesses his love for Curium, and admits his relationship with Jordin started as a promotion tactic for both of their upcoming albums. 

While things started off because of their publicist, the relationship between he and Sparks turned into something real but it didn't last because she was "no fun" according to him, and that he was ready to stab her because she was so annoying. 

But the real tea in all of this is how he finessed Jordin into dropping $70,000 on a house for him! 

It's safe to say Sage's latest post on Instagram is what promoted his ex to leak the audio clip. Here he is trying to get back with her one week, then the next he's confessing his undying love for Jordin. These dudes ain't loyal!