Jan 4, 2016

14 year old model linked to Tyga speaks out

A 14 year-old aspiring singer and model Molly O'Malia is breaking her silence. In a press conference with her lawyer Gloria Allred, she discussed how Tyga, 26 contacted her through social media and how a popular magazine leaked their illegal "relationship".

According to OK! Magazine, Tyga seeked the teenager out and Kylie Jenner, 18 found out about her boyfriends wrong doings. The magazine claims he was "hooking up" with the 14 year-old but O'Malia says she shot the rapper down after the conversations and facetime attempts were never about her as an artist.

Allred also found issues with OK! Magazines poor job at keeping her clients identity a secret. According to the lawyer people still figured out who O'Malia was and she's received extreme backlash from her alleged relationship with Kylie Jenner's boyfriend. 

Watch a snippet from the live press conference below: