Dec 20, 2015

New York Knicks Player Robbed of $750,000 By Two Women

After a big win over the Philadelphia 76ers earlier this week, New York Knicks PF Derrick Williams was robbed of $750,000 in jewelry by two women he left a night club with. Cold world! "I don't want to talk about it," Williams told reporters Saturday night after the Knicks defeated the Chicago Bulls. "Its still up in the air." Regarding the Louis Vuitton suitcase the women made off with.  

"Williams, 24, had been celebrating Friday night’s 107-97 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers with a group of friends at the Up & Down club. Afterward, they headed back to Williams’ Broadway apartment — along with two women whom they had just met and who may have been using false names, the sources said. After more partying at Williams’ bachelor pad, everyone went home. But not before the two party girls found the Louis Vuitton case stuffed with three-quarters of a million dollars worth of jewelry in one of Williams’ closets. The fast-fingered females grabbed the contents, and took off, the sources said. Williams checked the case at about 4 p.m. Saturday. He realized that his treasure trove had been stolen, and called the cops. Williams — who signed a two-year, $8.8 million contract with the Knicks this season — managed to score 9 points to help his team beat the Chicago Bulls, 107-91, at the Garden on Saturday night. Police are probing whether the Williams’ theft is part of a pattern of robberies committed by young women who prey upon wealthy, bling-flashing men at clubs and hotel bars, the sources said.
In one case earlier this month, a $590,000 Swiss timepiece was robbed from a Beverly Hills watch dealer by two women he met at a Midtown strip club."