Oct 5, 2015

Oshea Jackson Jr responds to "angry black women"

Straight Outta Compton actor O'shea Jackson Jr has come under fire recently after his girlfriend made ignorant and hurtful comments towards black women. Jackie Garcia called a fan "ugly, dark and dumb" and not 'Shea's type when they got into a heated exchange on Twitter.  


Overwhelmed at the response O'shea took to his Instagram account to barely address the comments Jackie made on his behalf. Claiming the two are not a couple (as if that's the main issue -rolls eyes-) and ask that people leave her alone. 

Mm, are you going to speak on the nasty comments she made? Not happy with his response, the dragging continued and Mr. Straight Outta Compton basically let it be known that black women kill him ... 

Let's be clear O'shea, those same black women who "kill you" are the ones who stood in line to support you! This isn't about your relationship. Trust me when I say this black women world wide do not care who you date. You're defending someone who put out hurtful and ignorant comments towards a race but you're mad at your fans? Who's your publicist? You need a new one.