Jul 7, 2015

Tyga exposed for cheating on Kylie Jenner with Transgender model [NSFW]

When a Trans-Woman is fed up nobody is safe and that includes you Tyga! LoveBScott is reporting Kylie Jenner's boyfriend has been allegedly cheating on her with transgender model and stylist Mia Isabella. Since moving to Los Angeles they've been allegedly hooking up for the past 3 years and Mia is tired of being a secret! To back up her claims, she sent off a flurry of screen shots, including Tyga's "tigger". See the NSFW shots below. 

The email we received reads:
Transsexual actress Mia Isabella & Rapper TYGA  had [an] ongoing relationship for almost 3 years since she moved to LA. She’s down for him has been since he was with Chyna. Allegedly, there was a possible sex tape when she was roommates with a model named Capri [who was once] linked with Charlie Sheen
….As you can see they got smart and came up with a plan for if the public ever found out about their relationship using her career as a fashion stylist & consultant for his brand as the connection. In her circle they made no secret of the relationship even inviting people enter their private time together. Clearly for her he’s been willing to risk it all having made plans to see each other just a couple weeks ago and never stopping their relationship through a baby mama and alleged girlfriend. They seem to have a lot of love for each other even as she was being courted by a boxer named Jean Pascal she had no interest in.

Unfortunately the screenshots are not in order, but you get the point. Check out  lovebscott for additional.