Jul 13, 2015

Future talks failed relationship with Ciara and why he didn't marry her

Future has had the streets on lock these past few months with mixtapes after mixtapes. While he's anticipating a number 1 album 'Dirty Sprite 2' on July 17, with all success comes trails and tribulations. In the first part of a five part documentary titled 'Like I never left' the rapper talks his failed romantic relationship with R&B singer Ciara and how her ditching a urban sound to chase pop music wasn't a good look for her latest album. 

Simply put, the pressure of marriage and the spotlight was just too much for him: 

"She feel like we need to rush the date and go on and do it and I'm not finna get married,” he said. “I wanna marry you but I can’t have no big wedding on E! News ...I'm not comfortable!"