Jun 25, 2015

Video: K. Michelle Puts Draya On Blast

While making an appearance on the BET Post Show, K. Michelle decided to gather Draya with pose, after fans noticed tension between the two ladies. Some years ago it seems Draya called K. Michelle ugly, and K' didn't forget it. I mean, why smile in someones face when they were so nasty and so rude to you at one point? Watch the confrontation below

"I don't think it's an issue I just know you've tweeted some mean things about me and I don't even know you. I just remember everything and I know it was a little while ago but I just dont forget that." 
 "I see you as a single mother and a woman on VH1 and I see that you're doing your thing with your swimwear and that's a great thing but, to say things about me ... you actually said that I was unattractive, I was ugly. So, to do things like that to a person, I don't think that's the proper way to deal with it. Especially when you don't know a person, there's no beef, no issues.  ..." 
"I don't have a problem with her, I'm just very standoff-ish and I never forget anything but I really wish her the best because I know it's difficult to be a single mother. And I'm sorry that you don't think I'm pretty enough but I actually like myself."