Jun 5, 2015

TMX Style File: Zara Founder Alleged Racist

Zara's is known as the fashionista's holy grail. Affordable prices, always on the cutting edge of fashion and style but in recent news its been discovered that some of the upper management traded emails which depicted Michelle Obama, serving fried chicken as well as President Obama, wearing a KKK hood.

The retailer landed in hot water when t-shirts proclaiming "White is the New Black" and necklaces with black face figurines on them were placed on shelves. There seemed to have been some underlying racism going on for a while even with employees. A higher up was allegedly heard saying "Spanish employees get more chances, than non Spanish employees at Zara." according to a law suit filed by the ex-general counsel for the US and Canada who claims to have been fired after having is lawyer send a letter complaining about "unlawful discrimination" due to him being gay and Jewish.

Zara's founder, Amancio Ortega who just happens to be the second richest man with a net worth of 71.5 billion dollars allegedly favors employees like him "straight, Spanish, and Christian" this is not the first time a huge fashion retailers founder or employees have been been quoted making racial remarks so it comes with little to no shock. Its just rather disappointing because you'd think if a person works hard for a company regardless of their sexual orientation, color, or religion than that person deserves to be treated equally but its just not that simple. People of all creeds surely shop in Zara stores and I would bet thats no issue since they're paying with that green. 

A Zara spokesperson was quoted saying, "We do not tolerate any behavior that is discriminatory or disrespectful, but value each individuals contributions to our dynamic organization." But they have yet to see a copy of the actual lawsuit. Hopefully the proper repercussions will be handed out.