Jun 16, 2015

Jhene Aiko Pays Tribute To Tupac Shakur On His Birthday

Jhene Aiko was only 8-years-old when Tupac Shakur died at the age of 25. But as an legendary influence in the Hip- Hop community, Tupac has left a lasting impression on past and future generations. To show her appreciate for the rap legend, Aiko and her camp decided to recreate Shakur's signature moments just in time for his 44th birthday!

"... every birthday of his I always want to do something. I feel like I have to give his legacy some type of present. It started off, one time I did a video shoot where they spread his ashes. And it was a coincidence that I was there that day, we were all like, “Wait a minute, this is Tupac’s birthday and we’re here on the same beach.” So after that, it’s been several years since then and every year I want to do something. I wrote a letter one year, I put it on my tumblr. It’s a special day because to me he was such a special person, so this year it was just an idea that me and my team had and I’m passionate about Tupac so it was something and I was like, “Yeah.” It was just random, it just happened on the spot; it was a really good idea for his birthday." (SOURCE)

In addition to the photos, listen to Jhene Aiko's cover of her favorite TuPac Shakur song "Keep your head up".