Jun 3, 2015

D.I.Y: Home Decor x Tufted Headboard

While out shopping for new home decor I was on the hunt for the perfect headboard, a tufted headboard to be exact. Tufted headboards give a room a classic and rich feel, but when I saw the price tag for it, I nearly jumped out of my shoes and did my best Sweet Brown impersonation, "Ain't Nobody Got time for that"! The price tag was clearly $400+ out of my budget, so I quickly started to ponder another way of getting the look but in my price range. That evening I stumbled across a do-it-yourself tutorial from Alexa Katherine, for under $30. Check out the checklist of supplies and tutorial below:

Items needed:

(6) Foam Poster Boards
(2) Yards Quitting Cotton Batting
(1.5) Yards of Fabric
Yard Stick
Xacto Knife
Hot Glue Gun
Needle & Thread

** If you're like me, who want a deeper imprint in your cushion, purchase thicker string to tug on your buttons of choice! You can also search youtue or pintrest for other video and tutorials on different ways to create your very own tufted headboard to your liking! **