May 19, 2015

The Game's New Reality Show Derailed After Staff Fears For Their Lives

The Game had his new dating reality TV show halted when he decided to prove he's really about that life, by pulling a loaded gun while filming. According to TMZ the production crew is scared for their lives and has gone on strike! 

Last month it was announced the rapper would make his return to reality TV with a new VH1 show called 'She's Got Game'. The show centers around a national tour, where he is on a search for true love. 

The show's first stop was a New Orleans nightclub. A chill night out turned into a hectic one when The Game decided to get on the mic and threaten Young Thug, about a beef with his friend Lil' Wayne. This is when Game grabbed a loaded gun from his bodyguards holster and waived it in the air. 

Although the crew panicked they agreed to continue shooting the dating show that night on one condition, no more filming in nightclubs. 

The following day filming resumed until Young Thug responded to Game's threats, with a guy in the background waving semi-automatic weapon. This was the last straw and the production company is refusing to continue on with the project, because their lives are in danger.