Apr 12, 2015

Video: Police Mock An Unarmed Black Man While He Lay Dying AfterShooting

Can someone tell me when will enough be, enough? Another black man has fallen victim at the hands of police brutality. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, Eric Harris last seconds alive are caught on video, as law enforcement pins his wounded body to  the ground.

Eric Harris was accidentally shot by a reserve deputy, who says he was trying to taser him, while he was already on the ground being subdued by other officers.

As the video plays out Harris is visibly seen running from a police officer with a body camera. When he is caught you can hear the officer telling Harris to "Roll on your stomach, now .." right before he warns the other officers he's about to use his tazer on Harris. Instead a gun shot rings out.

The conversation heard next has my heart aching as Harris realizes he's been shot but another officer, who is irate screams back at Harris,
"You ran! You fucking ran! Shut the fuck up!"
 Does this justify Harris being shot or something? In Harris's final moments he cries out

"He shot me! He shot me, man. Oh, my God. I'm losing my breath!"

The irate officer responds:
"Fuck your breath, shut the fuck up!"

The New York Daily news is reporting Harris was attempting to get away from law enforcement because he was selling a 9mm and ammunition to an undercover cop. On April 2nd he died, unarmed.

Tulsa County Sheriff's Captain Billy McKelvey claimed the officers had no clue Harris was shot, despite the officers in the video mention shooting Harris and him screaming out because he was shot!