Apr 16, 2015

Tai Mowry Puts Keke Palmer In Her Place Over Husband

Tia Mowry has never been the type to pop off on social media. But when it comes to her marriage or the fact some women aren't opposed to dealing with married men, she will put you in your place! The actress took to Twitter to check someone who was possibly coming after her husband, leaving many to believe the tweets were directed at Keke Palmer

Over the weekend Tia, her husband Cory Hardrict and Keke attended the premiere of their new film Brotherly Love. As co-stars Keke and Cory looked rather cozy as they posed on the redcarpet.

During promotional rounds Keke made it clear she was a very big fan of Cory and enjoyed working with him. It's alleged during those same rounds she may have hinted at having a crush on him. Tia clearly didn't like those comments, taking to Twitter to vent her frustrations before later deleting: 
"Saying you like married men in interviews is not cute... Just saying"
While backstage at the premiere a source says Tia directly confronted Keke for her disrespectful comments about her husband. And I must say, I would have loved to been a fly on the wall! 

Update: Keke Palmer stopped by the Wendy Williams show and adressed the allegations that she was coming onto Tia's husband.