Apr 9, 2015

Selena Gets Second Life With Hologram Tour

Just a few days after the 20th year anniversary of iconic Tejano music star Selena Quintanilla's death, a hologram tour is in the works to grant the singer a second life! Acrovirt LLC, the company behind the digital project will deliver a walking, talking and dancing Selena for fans to enjoy, along with new music featuring current hit stars. 

Her sister Suzette confirmed to Billboard: 
"By no means is this something that's creepy or weird ... We think it's something amazing. A lot of the new fans that did not get to experience what Selena was about hopefully will be able to get a sense of her with this new technology that's going to be coming out."
The project is being called "Selena The One", kicking off in 2018. 
"I'm excited at the fact that she will be the first ever, and the fact that she's a Latina makes it even more awesome," she said. "It's not about replacing Selena in any shape, way or form; it's just something to help her legacy continue growing."