Apr 3, 2015

Rihanna Accused Of Stealing 'Bitch Better Have My Money'

Last week Rihanna had the music world buzzing with her new single 'Bitch Better Have Money'. On the track, the bad gal introduces a new flow, just about taking us to the trap. Our initial thought was Riri is defintely giving us something new and fresh for her highly anticipated album R8.

Throughout the song Rihanna made it very clear, she doesn't play about her coins. But there's just one problem, she might owe another artist some money for allegedly ripping off 'BBHMM'.

Just Brittany's fans are claiming Riri swagger jacked her song, "Better Have My Money" that was released nine months ago. After listening to Just Brittany's version we defintely notice the similarities in both songs. From the way the song start off with its beat, the chorus, down to the melody, it's somewhat identical. 

Could it just be a mistake, if so its a very odd one. Rihanna nor her camp has yet to comment on the allegation. 

Listen to the tracks below and decide for yourself: