Apr 10, 2015

Marshawn Lynch Catching Heat From Social Media Over His Preference In Women

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch recently sat down with XXL magazine to talk his love for Hip-Hop and his contemptuous relationship with the media. However, Lynch is catching major heat over his preference in women.

When questioned about his overall taste in women, Lynch revealed he likes "anything with curly hair,  [and] fair skin ..". 

Check out the excerpt via XXL below: 

Okay, give me your 10 hottest women: 
Rihanna. Nicki Minaj is solid, Beyoncé’s solid. Let’s see, Dej Loaf ’s solid.  
 Wait a second, who did you say?
[Laughs] You heard what I said.
 You just listed Beyoncé, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj…
What you mean? You getting at me about what I like. [Laughs]
 You’re right. That’s my bad. You’re 100 percent right. I just didn’t see that coming.
 I like little chocolate baby, she’s solid.
Go ahead, that’s four.Some throwback…
Mya solid, I just recently seen her, she was gone. I’m telling you, she looked power thick [.....]
He mentions Tinashe, Sanaa Lathan, Cassie, and J. Lo!

Okay, got them. Any bonuses?
Anything with curly hair, fair skin, pretty-ass teeth and a sexy-ass personality, that’s probably number one. She ain’t got to have no name behind her but she’s somewhere out there.
So you’re looking for a lady with good teeth and you said light-skinned or did I hear that wrong?
Yeah, you made it up, I said fair-skinned. That’s like on a summer day she’s gonna be a little bit more brown, and then when it’s cold outside, she probably be a little bit on her way to being light-skinned but not light-skinned.
Twitter is currently in shambles over the interview. One user referenced his mother trying to understand his choice. 

Is this a big deal or is this being blown out of proportion? Recently Romeo Miller and Kendrick Lamar came under fire due to the women they're dating being non-black.