Apr 20, 2015

Ludacris cruelly denies baby mother contact with daughter in leaked emails

Earlier this year an Atlanta court judge awarded rapper Ludacris FULL custody of his daughter Cai Bridges, that he conceived with Tamika Fuller. The court order declared Luda' the sole custodial parent as Fuller received visitations.

Since then, Fuller claims Ludacris is being unreasonable with her and is not allowing her to see or speak with their daughter.

MTO received an email correspondence between the two, where Tamika is basically begging to speak to her child over the phone or through FaceTime. Luda' repeatedly denies her the oppurtunity unless a court forces him to do so. 

Tamika: [...] What time of the day moving forward will Cai and I be able to FaceTime? 
Ludacris: I'm not agreeing to FaceTime ...for the same way I respectfully didn't agree to you wanting to talk to Cai during the temporary order [...]
Tamika: It's my right as her biological mother to be able to speak to her on the phone ... Moving forward, what time and what day will this be? 
Ludacris: That is not apart of our court order ... I'm not agreeing to FaceTime and phone conversations at this time. 
Tamika: When exactly in the future will this be something ....getting on board with? I would love to communicate with our daughter everyday [...] 
Ludacris: [....] I've stated 2 times before, I am not agreeing ... at this time. I will inform you when this changes ... Please stop asking over and over again expecting a different answer.