Apr 20, 2015

Lisa Raye Says Black Women Aren't Allowed To Get "Ran Through" Like Taylor Swift & Kim Kardashian

In the industry and life there are certain things that white women have made a living off of, that black women can not and vice versa! Recently, Lisa Raye stopped by the Madd Hatta Morning show in Houston, Texas and spoke of what some would perceive as shadey but honest truth. The actress claims black women aren't allowed to get "ran through" and make money off of it the same way "they" can.

"We know she's (Swift) went through a lot of people at her young age ...She sings about it ALL THE TIME! Let that be a black girl and it's a problem! ... Let somebody do a sextape, that's a black girl and her career is ruined! She's not going to parley it into fashion, into stores, into reality shows and marriage!" 

Although she technically didn't mention Kim Kardahian's name in the interview as she did Taylor Swift, it's pretty obvious who she was referring to but the question is, does she have a point? 

Watch the entire clip below: