Apr 9, 2015

Destiny's Child To Do Anniversary Tour And Album

The ladies of Destiny's Child had the internet buzzing last week when they reunited for a mini concert at the Stellar Gospel Music Awards. It was just like old times and every D.C. fans dream had come true, their favorite top selling girls group was back together, even if it was just for one night!

However, MailOnline reports the trio will gear up for a big 10 year anniversary tour and album. The reunion will cover some of their biggest hits, but one thing that may be missing? their household name, Destiny's Child. During the Stellar Awards the trio was introduced by their individual names because Beyoncé's father and group manager, Mathew Knowlesowns 1/4 of the group. Meaning, anytime the name is used, he has to have involvement and he gets a check! 

Unfortunately, the ladies are saying no thanks to their former managers involvement. In 2009 Kelly Rowland fired him, with Michelle Williams following in her foot steps in 2010. Beyoncè also had a fall out with her dad in 2011, after reports of him stealing money from her surfaced.

Via MailOnline: 
"The problem is they can't figure out how to nix Mathew from the deal. They all want more than anything to give the fans one last run of the group, especially since they all have their own individual success, but don't want to deal with Mathew.
"At best they maybe could offer him a flat rate or one-time settlement to buy out his portion of the group, but otherwise we may never get a Destiny's Child reunion because none of them want him to benefit financially."
Watch their Stellar Awards reunion below: