Apr 20, 2015

Dame Dash Loses Custody of Children in Brutal Battle With Ex-Wife

Back in 2009, Damon 'Dame' Dash and his ex- wife Rachel Roy decided to call it quits. The relationship turned messy after Roy made claims of domestic abuse and adultery, against the founder (1/3) of Roca Fella Records. And today a judge ordered her full custody of the children they share together.

The judge decided to grant Rachel Roy sole and legal custody of their 15 and 6 year old daughters. Roy claimed he 'smoked weed' and was a bad influence, while Dame claims she drove drunk with one of the daughters and pulled a knife on him. 

Despite the accusations from each other, the judge sided with Roy. Possibly because Dame didn't show up for the hearing, which left him with supervised visits. 

Roy was also granted a three-year restraining order against her ex- husband.