Mar 22, 2015

Woman Accused Of Stealing $85,000 For Beyoncé Tickets, Other Things

If you've never had the chance to see Beyoncé perform live, you're seriously missing out on greatness! According to reports a 63 year old woman refused to miss out on the opportunity to see
the singer in action, resorting to stealing $85,000 to purchase beyoncé tickets, amongst other things.

Pzfeed reports: 

"A 63-year-old, crazy in love fan of Beyonce, Sharon Davidson is being indicted for stealing $85,000 from the North Flatbush Business Improvement District, a not-for-profit where she used to serve as director. According to MTV news, Davidson alleged spending is as follows: “$13,000 on PayPal to buy clothing, makeup and jewelry, $4,000 at Talbot’s, the women’s clothing store, $3,000 at FreshDirect, $600 on tickets to a Beyoncé concert, [and]$600 at Weight Watchers and $400 on manicures and pedicures,” just to stay flawless. And that’s not all. Davidson is also being questioned for the roughly $5,200 worth of unemployment benefits she allegedly collected while still working as North Flatbush BID’s executive director."