Mar 5, 2015

The Year Of The Side Baby And Wedding Rings

It seems the new millennium as of recent, has become the year of the "side baby" for ballers, entertainers, etc. 

With extended weekends away from the one you love it's no secret the time apart can put a strain on a relationship. Fights occur from one accusing the other of wrong doings, causing once loving relationships to be put on hold. 

During these breaks in "relationships" babies are being made left and right, and too smooth things over, wedding bells are ringing. 

In 2014 Dwayne Wade fathered a son with a model and later tied the knot with long term girlfriend Gabrielle Union. While in a messy custody battle for his one year old daughter, Ludacris married his girlfriend Eudoxie of five years in 24hrs. 

Although it hasn't been confirmed yet if Chris Brown is the father of a 9 month old by him, Karrueche chucked the deuces, claiming she wasn't into breaking up a happy home but with them, he always finds a way to crawl back into her good graces. Could a ring be on the way for her as well? We'll have to wait and see, but this definitely seems like a pattern. 

Side chicks and side babies are taking over and it's becoming a common thing. When will people stop being vulnerable, complicating their relationship and stick with the one they love? At this rate, it's become the new norm!