Mar 27, 2015

Basketball Wives Sundy Carter And Draya Are Heading To Court For Assault

Just when we thought the Sundy Carter and Draya Michelle beef was over an assault charge is the works! According to reports Sundy has filed charges against her season 3 Basketball Wives costars Draya and Marlaysia Pargo, for leaving her eye permanently damaged.

The fight occurred back in July of 2013 when the reality TV stars got into a heated argument. Draya punched her in the face and Pargo allegedly hit her in the eye socket without warning. 

Sundy may have a problem on her hands being the incident occurred nearly two years ago and the statue of limitations is 1 year, the report was filed Wednesday night. Sundy claims she just found out 6 months ago she has permanent eye damage. Her vision is blurred, she's unable to see in the sun unless she wears glasses. 

Will her excuse hold weight in court? We'll have to wait and see! Both ladies reportedly aren't making a return to a new season of Basketball wives! Relive the fight below!