Mar 16, 2015

Amber Rose Organizing A 'Slut Walk'

Amber Rose is no stranger to controversy,  whether she's telling someone how it is or flaunting her curvaceous figure on the beach in nothing but a g-string. At 15  years old the south philly native turned to stripping in order to provide for her family and since she's never steered away from her sexuality, which in return caused her to be labeled anything other than a child of God! 

As of late Amber's been clapping back at those same haters who preach she shouldn't be in the club or rocking skin tight outfits, with sarcastic tweets and instagram posts. 

One reads: 

"I heard instagram is turnin wives into hoes? I guess it's a hoeing ass Friday for me! #Thottie #MILF #HowToBeABadBitch"

And for her next headline, the model is organizing a slut walk to cater to women empowerment and the dismissal of all the naysayers who condemn women who are comfortable being sexual-beings and more.  

"My Slut Walk will be about every Woman Equality issue we deal with everyday u can walk and make signs for the issues ur passionate about. I’m in the beginning stages of putting this together but with ur help this could be an amazing liberating experience for us women. Stay tuned for more info in weeks to come."