Jan 16, 2015

TMX Spillage - Christina Milian and Her Come Up In The Industry

TMXSpillage - (Screen shots via direct message) Understand that these are submissions from our readers and is protected by federal statue 47 USC 203. TMX can not confirm 100% authenticy of story submitted. 

" That C. Mili is nothin but a lose cannon wit her box I always wonder y she was still n the game when she cant make music or have a career but I came across some dirt n this girl is foul. she is a pretty face who uses what she got to get what she want n could of been an extra in the playas club because that's exactly what's keepin her relevent in the
game she used to mess with Nick cannon n swear he cheated on her but it was Nick returnin the favor of her hot box messin with dudes on the set of they movie love don't cost or whatev it was called. she was getting around but got with Nick cause she though that was her break she then got with this young producer name dre from cool n dre they used to have it on lock in music. word is Christina slept with him the first night she met him all for a new song. they got together n he ended up produced her flop second album. she even tried to get dre to buy her a Bentley after her sister n boyfriend recked her truck but he wouldn't because he was trying to get her a ring n save money. SHe noticed his money was funny so she was then flirting with Wayne. This when she n wheezy first started messing n why NIVEA don't like her at first. Dre n Wayne was under the same label/crew (Birdman) but Wayne wasn't taking her for real jus a fuck nd left her to the side for other chicks. Dre even took her back he got her a ring but couldn't get the car his money wasn't long she was on to the next one but word is she ended up preg n aborted his baby. She was on to her next Vic after him n she tried to mess with Kanye west they did a song together but it didn't make it called diamonds or some mess after he hit n quit. Another failed attempt at coming up. She found a new producer dude which was the dream to give her a hit n revive a  flat lined career. Dream had no idea of this girls hoe ways, was praising her around n ppl was telling him don't mess with her but he did. She found her come up or a little come up as dream was on fire at the moment with music. She ended up getting preg by him n he was forced to marry that girl n fake a happy home. She still ain't get a hit single in the making of it she trapped the dream basically this why Nivea really don't like her ass. First it was when she was sneaking with Wayne now she after dream? C mili moving around funny. she was recently engaged to another producer/ceo i don't know his name but I put him in the picture but she left him once her music wasn't coming n now back riding lil Wayne for a new music career even though her daughter has a brother that's lil Wayne son she will do whatever to stay in the lime light pretty girl but damage goods. she linked to ha rule JayZ Carmelo n amare