Jan 31, 2015

K. Michelle Twerks To Nicki Minaj's Ex Music, Nicki Says She's Thirsty

K. Michelle and Nicki Minaj are currently on social media taking shots at one another. The rift started when Meek Mill uploaded a shot of Nicki rocking an MMG chain with the caption "you look better in it". 

If you are living under a rock Meek and Nicki are the new "It" couple. K. Michelle used to mess with Meek, she also had a fall out with her bestfriend Elle Varner over him. While they were messing around Meek Mill gifted K. Michelle a MMG chain. She was snapped rocking it during a couple performances while on tour. So it's a little strange he would caption Nicki looked better in it under the photo but let's get deeper into the tea!  

Feeling some type of way, K' subliminally uploaded a video twerking to one of Nicki Minaj's ex boyfriend Safaree Samuels songs. Safaree was later spotted dropping massive eye emojis under the video photo expressing how he loved her figure!

It didn't take long for Nicki to subliminally respond, calling her thirsty!