Jan 29, 2015

Judge Awards Ludacris Full Custody Of Daughter + Mother Releases Statement

Yesterday, rapper Ludacris was awarded primary custody of his one year old daughter Cai Bridges. Before the judges ruling the mother, Tamika Fuller made accusations that Luda offered her 10K and a home if she aborted the growing child. She also alleged the rapper married his then girlfriend in one day as a ploy to appear to have a stable home environment. Many saw the judges decision shocking, leaving one to wonder what occurred to have a mother separated from her child.

New details are quickly surfacing and according to Sandra Rose, Fuller was seen as a liar and unfit due to her history with her now 20 year old daughter that she allegedly abandoned.

The court found that Ms. Fuller
1. abandoned her 1st child at very young age
2. left her first daughter with her family and moved out of state for years
3. lacked a consistent employment history
4. was unable to take care of herself
5. lacked stability (Cai lived in 3 different homes with Fuller in the 1st year of her life)

Upset with the judges decision Tamika Fuller released a statement through her attorney Lisa West.

"While Ms. Fuller is joyous that the court granted her joint legal custody and joint physical custody of the parties’ 13-month-old daughter, she is devastated (and quite perplexed) that the court designated Mr. Bridges as primary physical custodian. Despite this unexpected result, Ms. Fuller will continue to focus on her role as mother to their precious daughter and as co-parent to Mr. Bridges and awaits the time that the pain of today’s decision subsides. She expresses her gratitude to all of those who have supported her during this difficult period.”