Jan 10, 2015

Chick Chat: 10 Sings That You're A SideChick

You guys spend a decent amount of time together, do cute couple things like occasional movies (maybe) and dinners which make you believe you've got him all to yourself. But wait, he might have other thoughts! Are you his main, or the side chick? Being a side chick is never cool. I mean, who wants to settle with sloppy seconds? Sometimes it happens and many women are unaware due to how "good" he plays the game. But ladies, It's time to learn the game and here are a few tips/signs to let you know [if] you're the back-up.

10. He doesn't show up after making plans. [If he sets up a date with you but constantly stands you up because something came up or with no explanations or apologies, that’s a serious red flag.]

9. He only calls when he wants sex. [If his idea of chilling is just 'sex', then that's all he wants you for. You aren't even a side chick, you're his 'fuc- buddy'.]

 8. You aren't allowed on social media with him. [If he turns his face when you try to take cute selfies with him while cuddling or just in general, or you aren't allowed on his social media accounts it may be because his status says he's in a relationship with someone else.]

 7. You and him only go out on the weekends. [Yeah, I know some of you work throughout the weekday but let's stop it right there, men make time for who and what they like. No matter how "tired" they're!]

 6. He won't hold your hand or show you any type of affection in public. [Some of us aren't that affectionate and men sometimes aren't affectionate around their boys but if he's batting your hand around like an annoying bee in the summer time, or looking over his shoulder, you should be a little concerned.]

 5. You've never met his friends. [Piggy backing off of #6, what man doesn't like to show his girl off to his boys? Men love showing off when they have a good one.]

 4. He's never around on major holidays. [Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine's Day are usually spent with the ones you love. If he doesn't bother to include you in those activities, Move on, sis!]

 3. Date night's are always spent in doors. [With the messed up economy I understand money can be funny for some but if he's never taken you to a nice restaurant or a movie, he might be dodging getting caught in public.]

 2. He wants to take things slow. [If you ask him the status of your relationship after some months, close to a year and this is his response, reconsider. After a year, possible sexual intercourse and so much more, what is there really to take slow? Don't be a fool ladies.]

 1. His sister doesn't look like his 'sister'. [She's Hispanic and he's full blown African American, he and his parents are tall, while she's on the short side. In tagged photos they show way more affection than a brother and sister normally show and he doesn't allow you to interact with her. That just might be his main.]