Jan 22, 2015

Anthony Mackie Responds To "Dredlocs" Backlash

Just days after making questionable comments regarding black men and violence against them during an interview, Anthony Mackie wants to clear the air. 

The 'Black or White' actor is upset with the reporter behind the story, claiming he didn't realize his comments were being used for the story. 

"I felt that we could sit and have a candid conversation about race and he wouldn’t take soundbites. He would let the entire conversation live. And he didn’t. And that’s what frustrates me…Mr. Witherspoon really pissed me off because I trusted him and he lied.,”

Mackie then went on to further explain what he meant by his comments.  

"I said ‘My nephew came to me and he said I’ma grow dreadlocks…So speaking as someone who had dreadlocks, I sat my nephew down. I turned on ‘First 48’ because it’s one of my favorite shows. So there are all these young black men being arrested, being killed. The majority of them have dreadlocks. It’s a phenomenon now. Young men want dreadlocks because it’s cool.

So I told him ‘You will be perceived as this. If you wear your pants hanging off your behind, if you wear your shoes a certain way, if you got tattoos all up your neck. I’m not saying that’s what you are, but you will be perceived as this. And with perception comes profiling,”.