Dec 18, 2014

Fashionista Of The Week - Shaquana Sapp From New Jersey

Our very first bombshell Fashionista of The Week is Shaquana Sapp from New Jersey. With a unique-chic sense of style, Shaquana has a flair for making the most subtle piece look like a million bucks. 

Having her own Jewelry boutique is fitting for her love of statements, as she takes simple fits and match them with one bomb statement piece to bring her looks together. 

Hit the jump below to learn a bit more about her. 

1. Name, Age, Location?
    - Shaquana Sapp, 28, NJ

2. Celebrity style inspiration?
    - Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. 

3. Favorite designer?
   - My fav designer is Tom Ford

4. Favorite brand?
   - I don't have a favorite brand if it's cute good quality and fits me nice I would wear it! But it has to be my style and it can't be cheap looking! 

4. Favorite stores to shop? 
   - Favorite store I like Barney New York,Saks Fifth Ave, and Nordstrom

6. Must have fashion (statement) item?
   - Must have pencil skirts And jeans I have so many I just love them😃

7.  Favorite beauty item? 
  - I love my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, foundation and powder

8. How would you describe your style? 
  - My style is simple, cute, clean but look of quality! 

9. Were you always into fashion? 
  - Yes I was always into fashion and dressing nice. 

10. Do you follow trends or do your own thing? 
  - Sometimes I follow trends but mainly I do my own thing! 

11. Occupation (if relates to fashion I.e stylist/makeup/writer) 
  - One of my businesses that relate to fashion is my jewelry line that's going be fully released in 2015! I'm very excited about that I have some really cool simple cute chic pieces

12.  Favorite fashion magazine?
  - To be honest I really don't look in magazines unless the stores I shop send them to my house lol I always get catalogs but I always throw them out. I search the net a lot my fav sites are shopstyle and polyvore them are my magazine substitutes lol

13. How can readers find you? 
  - Instagram: @Q_sapp
Jewelry Instagram: @RoseandRichard