Dec 23, 2014

Cisco From Love & Hip Hop New York's Real Girlfriend

If you tuned into Love & Hip Hop New York last night you witnessed one of the hottest messes of all time.

Diamond Strawberry revealed to on and off again boyfriend Cisco that she's ready to be exclusive and not continue to have sex in the back seat of his car! But what took the cake? The fact she claimed her daughter to be a dog for the two years they've known one another. [Photos inside]

Clearly Cisco isn't in the business of becoming official with Diamond. With her being young and immature to the fact she denied her daughter and claimed her to be a dog, she's definitely not wifey material. 

Now word on the street is Jennifer Williams, formerly of Basketball wives holds the tittle of wifey!  

Cisco and Jennifer met on the set of a video shoot about two years ago and after meeting again months later the two clicked! 

Rumor has it the former reality star will make appearances on the next season of Love & Hip Hop as a couple with Cisco. The plan was for Cisco to make his self established on the show before sliding Jen back into reality TV. We'll keep you posted ...