Nov 3, 2014



In our fuzzy pink handbook of Girl Code, there is a agreement set in stone, "don't mess with your friends ex and don't mess with your friends (sisters), friends ex" because it's all too close to home. 

Now what exactly do you do when your "best friends" little sisters, whom you've hung around at outings, drinks and girl chat night-in, gym dates, etc has began snooping around with your man/ex/child's father?

Do you cut her, or DO YOU CUT HER!? 

Ok, okay, maybe you shouldn't cut her and risk going to jail (although this may be fins with some) BUT isn't this considered breaking girl code? Especially when it's happened on more than one occasion to different "friends". 

Here we have Kim Kardashian, best/friends to Trina and Blac Chyna

Kim and Trina seem to go way back in the friendship department, way back to when she dated Reggie Bush. When French and Trina dated, she introduced him to the Kardashian clan. Bad idea! 

Chyna meet Kim through Tyga, attending countless family events, double dates with Kanye and flew across the country to attend Kim's wedding. 

Fast forward now, Kim's younger sisters Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have both been linked to each of their men. 

Is Kim to blame for not checking her sisters? 

What would you do?