Nov 12, 2014


The Real Housewives of Atlanta are back with plenty of drama. 

The season kicked of with the 'very Rich' Nene Leakes taking her talents to Los Vegas. In a scene for her showcase she plays shy to getting naked on stage while going over her day's events with husband, Greg. Strange being she's an ex stripper.

Porsha and her fabulous body made an appearance on the set of a photo shoot which had Twitter going crazy! 

On the other side of Atlanta your new besties Cynthia and Kenya chit chat over wine. Cynthia reveals her marriage is much better since her friendship with Nene had ended. It's as if Nene kept Cynthia hostage in their friendship and that her construction of a "friendship" contract never happened. 😒 ok, Cynthia! 

Things got intense when Apollo Nida woke up to an empty house before being sentenced for wire, bank and mail fraud. Phaedra Parks decided to take refuge in a hotel room with her two boys. Coming to tears Apollo decided to own up to his actions believing he could fix all his wrong doings, but when it comes to his marriage? Un-fixable! 

Phaedra's absence at such a hard time made Apollo feel like she didn't care and her actions made it pretty clear. Her thoughts? Apollo is a big boy and didn't think about his family when he was out doing his dirt. Phae Phae is fighting to save her image. 

What are your thoughts on the premiere of the new season?