Nov 28, 2014

Floyd Mayweather respond to Shantel Jackson lawsuit

A couple months ago boxer Floyd Mayweather took to his Instagram account to let the world know he and his then girlfriend Shantel Jackson were over!

In the midst of his rant he leaked private documents showing Jackson had an abortion (twins) behind his back. 

He continued to smear her name all over social media which in return she filed a law suit because she felt it was an attempt to assassinate her character. 

Mayweather responded to the lawsuit saying she wanted to be a public figure, so basically everything they go through the world should be aware. 

Here's what he said via TMZ

 "Now, Floyd is trying to get the several claims dismissed — and in new legal docs, he focused on her claim that he violated her right to privacy. He starts off his argument in the most Mayweather way possible:

: “At age 37 I am an undefeated boxer. I have been the world champion in five different weight divisions.” He goes on to explain that when he met Jackson, “she asked me to help her become famous” … and stated that her only semblance of fame was appearing in 7 music videos.

Floyd says he used his celebrity to help build her up — and says they became so famous, people were interested in every aspect of their relationship … including the breakup.
Which is why Floyd says he went to social media earlier this year and told the world he ended things with Shantel because she had an abortion behind his back."
The lawsuit charges include invasion of privacy, defamation, battery, assault, and more.